Friday, October 17, 2008


My internet connection and I haven't been the best of friends the past two days. But, it seems, it is better now. So I will try to make a post..

I am not a fan of labels, or at least not not so pretty ones. Or many different in the same place. So usually I take the labels off glass jars, or print new ones I made myself for plastic or paper jars. In the land far far away I had bought the same jars in different sizes for everything stored in the kitchen. That I like even better. But does I gave away when I moved.

Yes, I bought some new from IKEA the other week, and I will buy even more later. But until I move again I will stick to this method, to peel the labels off or print new ones. It is easier and cheaper. And sometimes you notice that some of them actually aren't that bad after removing the label. And if you buy all your spices (which we have not done..) from the same place usually they are in the same kind of jar. So it looks homogeneous!

And if your kitchen is as small as mine, you can't hide the jars. But this way it looks a little cleaner and nicer.

You can see a label I made myself on the big blue salt jar. I copied the story about salt making from the original label, with a new font and new background.

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