Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life Line Coat rack-by James Burgess

In 2003 I saw (via Living etc I think) James Burgess Life Line coat rack at Northumbria University's New Designers Exhibition in London. In april this year, guess my suprice, I saw it again. At Lagerhaus in Stockholm. I bought one right away. Mine has never been hung yet.. Since we where supposed to move in august. But the move got delayed, and we are still waiting for the move to take place in february instead. So for now the Life Line coat rack is packed down. Mine, and also the one I saw in 2003 (I think) is/was black. You can find it here.

(yes, that was one more post tonight. since mon monsieur was busy with other things, and the internet was working better again)

à demain!

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