Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bailey doesn't bark

As I said before, I drink a lot of tea (as right now for example). When I found my favorite tea cups I bought ten of them, just to be sure I had enough. That was some years ago. Now the cups are starting to get worn out. I want to find new ones in a simular shape, and they have to be white. Was thinking about drawing a simple pattern on them too.

Then I found out about Bailey doesn't bark. New York designer Re Jin Lee, makes the perfect tea cups. Both under her own name, and under her company's name Bailey doesn't bark. The cups are a little too prize for my wallet. 62$ for the two in the picture on the left(Dotted cup set). 89$ for the four in the picture on the right(The four seasons cups black). But they are on my wish list.. Check out her web site here. You can buy the cups and other stuff in her etsy shop or here.

Pictures from Bailey doesn't bark web site and Etsy shop.

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