Saturday, November 22, 2008

Atelier R.Bernier

I have been having troubles finding fabrics I like here in France. Or, at least I haven't found a store yet selling fabrics I like. Flicking throu an old IDEAT I found out about a company that could be the answer for what I have been looking for.

Atelier R.Bernier is a design workshop placed in an old textile factory in Troyes, France. Romain Bernier and Arnaud Magloire are the creative duo behind behind the company. They describe their style as poetic, colourful, modern and graphic. Check out their website here.

They have a clear influense from the nature. Sometimes a little too clourful for me, but I would love to have some of their pillows or, a meter or two of their fabrics. Like their tables are fun too!

Photos from Atelier R.Berniers website

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