Thursday, September 18, 2008

Silence, ça pousse!

Today I had plan for a quiet day with lunch and latte in the sun on the balcony. Usually it is very calm there, with view over a garden. But just as I started to make my lunch I heard an awful noise.. Lawn mower... And I am allergic to grass.. So no way I could sit out there now. Today is really not the best time to have big running red eyes, since I am invited to a catalouge launch for a furniture store tonight. I made their furniture layout for the store this year, so I want to see it live. And of course eat one or two of their yummy snacks.

So sad but true, I had my lunch by the computer googling my new favorite tv host, Stephane Marie. He is the host of Silence ça pousse! at France 5, a french tv show about gardening. He goes to peoples houses and help them plan and fix their garden. And he is incredible! I never dreamed about a big garden, but I do watching him. So, when I ever get a piece of dirt to dig in I will call him!

But for the time beeing I have to settle with my citrus trees I got from a friend who moved back to the land fare fare away. And my tiny succelents which anxiously waiting for my father-in-law to make a pot for them.

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