Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Santa..

I would be so so happy if I could wake up on christmas day and discover this Solär IKEA kitchen (minus that hood) in our flat instead of our teeny tiny almost nonexisting kitchen.

As mentioned in the last post we have been ripping down the wallpaper in the kitchen. We did it after the news that we won't move until june. We are going to move because of work, and again, that is delayed. When I moved to France in the beggining of march we were supposed to move to another city in july-august. Then due to delay of construction workthe move was supposed to take place in february 2009. But for the same reason as last time, now it is delayed another six month.

So, we decided to do something we have been wanting to do for a long time, repaint the kitchen! We didn't want to put any money in the the apartment here since we are not going to stay, and since it is a rental. But, to chear ourselves up after the news of the delay we will do it! Or, we have to do more then just paint. After taking down the wallpaper we noticed that we need to do more work on the walls then we thought. Since they had been cheating a bit last time some work had been done in the kitchen.

Those ugly 70's tiles that are sitting in there will stay (the tiles make me not want to put up a picture of the kitchen here) for the next renter to admire (poor them). Well, if my wish to Santa wont't come true that is.. But atleast I won't have to stare on that awful yellow wallpaper anymore! Tomorrow will be spent looking for new wallpaper/paint.

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